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Red Zone Pest Defense

Superior Pest Protection and Pool Care for your Home or Business.

Superior Pest Protection and Pool Care for your Home or Business.

Superior Pest Protection and Pool Care for your Home or Business.Superior Pest Protection and Pool Care for your Home or Business.

About Us

The Owner

Doug Bremer

Doug's Bio

Doug came into the pest control industry just a few years back in an unconventional way. 

Working part time with Assured Audit Pest Prevention, learning the trade, Doug worked full time as a Deputy Sheriff protecting the citizens of Maricopa County.

While at Assured Audit, he learned the ins and outs of pest control. Doug saw first hand how the pest control industry has a big hand with everyday living. Whether it was infestations at a business, parents protecting their children from scorpion stings,  or just disease carrying rodents occupying a home or business, he was intrigued on how he could use his law enforcement background and put it to use in the pest control industry. 

Oh, and the pool care side... Well Doug said, "I grew up in Mesa and swimming was life. We had to have our pool serviced to make sure we could swim. As a pool owner myself, I enjoy making sure everything  is in proper working order to ensure my family has a great time in the pool. I wanted to bring that to other families who might not have the time to focus on taking care of a pool, but wants to have the benefits of owning a pool. That is where we come in!"

After conversing with his wife and several others he knew in the pest control and pool industry, Doug decided to start Red Zone Pest Defense and Pool Care. 

Doug wanted to help change some of the negative images within the pest control industry. He said "I want to make sure all of our customers feel we truly are there for them and care about our service. I have also seen pool guys not do a complete job, or say things are wrong when they really aren't. I never want my customers to worry about any of those things.... Ever!"

Doug also mentioned "When you are a Red Zone customer, you will know exactly what we are doing and keep you informed. We will never cut corners and make sure the customer is always satisfied and happy with the service!"

When asked about his special rate package, he responded, "With my law enforcement background, I have seen first hand the sacrifices our First Responders make day in and day out. Along with our military and their families. Our teachers are helping shape our kids and build their future. Nurses, they work the odd hours, and see alot in their line of work. I wanted to do something special for them. That's why I came up with our "Appreciation Discount Program."

With his law enforcement background, Doug comes into the industry with a very proactive approach, and is dedicated to helping his customers in a new way. 

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Pool Care

Pool Operations Manager

Ron Fry

Ron's Bio:

Ron brings to Red Zone over 21 years experience in the pool industry.  From servicing pools as a teenager to working at a pool supply company to managing a pool store, Ron knows what it takes to make your pool looking great. You can trust when Ron comes out to your house, or trains new pool techs, he is going to bring a wealth of knowledge that you will see daily in your pool!

Pest control

Pest Control Operations Manager

Caley Killoran

Caley's Bio

Caley comes over with experience from another local pest control company. He enjoys speaking with the customers before and after each service to ensure all pest issues have been addressed. Caley takes pride in his work and loves to make sure the customer understands the process involved. Caley is very thorough with his services and will teach the Red Zone way to new technicians. 

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